Thursday, 29 November 2012

Celery & Buttermilk -- Two Quick Tips

Ah, you know I like to eat food! And because I like to eat good food, I have learned to enjoy cooking and preparing it. Two things today happened, and they are related to the fact I like to cook but are unrelated to each other.

First, a remedy to "fix" celery that has gone limpy in the refrigerator.

Add a couple of cups of very cold water to a pitcher. Throw in a quarter of raw potato. Thinly cut the bottom of the celery stalk and then put the stalk into the pitcher with the cold water and raw potato.

Wait about four hours, and your celery should now be crisp once again.

Bonus Tip To Keep Celery Crisp Longer:  Keep your celery wrapped in tinfoil in the refrigerator. This really does work and will help your celery last longer.

Second, Make Your Own Buttermilk:

I go through a lot of buttermilk. I like to drink it as well as bake and cook with it. At almost $4.00 a quart where I am, that can get expensive so I learned how to make my own.

Today's buttermilk is made from a bacterial culture. Most of it is made from 1% butterfat milk. But you can make it from whatever kind of milk you like, although the more fat that is in it, the thicker it will be.

Use store bought buttermilk as a starter. Add between a half and full cup of buttermilk to a quart mason jar. Fill the rest of the mason jar with fresh milk and give it a few shakes.

Set the mason jar on the counter or table in your kitchen for between 24 and 36 hours. You will now have your own homemade cultured buttermilk for a fraction of the cost that you buy it at the store. Refrigerate and use within two weeks, but make sure you reserve some to make more buttermilk!

You can continue to make fresh buttermilk by reserving a half to full cup from what you've made.

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