Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Challenges Of Working From Home

As some readers may know (and most of my friends and all of my family knows), I work from home. Working from home is awesome in some ways, but it can also be very challenging in other ways.

I do not miss the morning traffic and the early evening rush hour, that can last for who knows how many hours, if there is an accident up the road. Not having to commute is a major advantage for me, for working at home.

I also like to cook, but my belly has it's own schedule. That is another thing about having a home office that is nice.. I am not bound by a supervisor's schedule as to when my lunchtime or coffee breaks should be. Heck, sometimes I can even eat my lunch while communicating with a client, or I can take some time away and go have a picnic with my ten year old son.

Those kinds of advantages are pretty awesome to have when you have your own business and don't actually need a physical office, with hours, and commute times.

When I clean my home, I am also cleaning my office.

But sometimes, all those advantages aren't all that great. There is no delineation between home, work, and recreation. Sometimes my job or what I do is recreation, but then I end up not doing what I really want to do, that by working, and losing sight of my goals.

I am so thankful for an old friend of mine who has helped advise me and coach me at times. Tawyna Sutherland is an old friend, and who has also been a coach and advisor to me, and her systems work very well... when I put them place and practice them.

You can learn more if you want to be a virtual assistant and work from home yourself. That is her specialty - the field of virtual assistants, but her skills and knowledge include organizational and other experience in effectively working from and using a home office.

Tawnya is awesome at getting through the "chaff" and cutting to the core to help individuals get to what they want to be.

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