Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Better Dish And Pot Scrubbing Brush

It might sound odd to be excited and post a review of a dish washing brush. However, seeing as I enjoy cooking, and have to do my own dishes on top of that, finding a decent brush that can scrub well is exciting!

It's not so much for doing dishes - a dish cloth is good enough for me, most of the time. However, much of my cooking is done in cast iron, and although it is well seasoned cast iron, there are times when food that gets a little overcooked gets stuck to the surface. In that case, I want a good stiff bristled brush. I won't use any type of steel scouring products or soap on my cast iron. Most of the time, a simple wiping with paper towel gets my cast iron cooking implements clean.

I've been quite disappointed with the standard plastic scrubbing brushes meant for dishes and cookware that have been available at my supermarket. Most of them, the bristles are far too soft and wear out too quickly.

When I was growing up as a boy, I know we had much better scrubbing brushes. How do I know? Well, I was often the one to do the dishes and be responsible for scrubbing the cast iron skillet clean!

The other day, when shopping I came across a brush that had nice stiff bristles. Much better than the other ones that were on display.  And it cost about $4.49 whereas the other ones were about a dollar less expensive. So, as the one I had at home was worn down (after about six weeks or use), I purchased it.

The brand of this brush is "Vileda." It's made in China, but distributed in Canada by Freudenberg Household Products Inc. in the Province of Quebec. On the cardboard packaging, the brush apparently also has "antimicrobial action" with Silver Ion particles inside the brush material. Personally, I don't care much about that; I was my dishes in extremely hot water and they are all given a very hot (close to boiling temperature) rinse anyway. As well, my cast iron cookware is always heated well up before I ever start cooking food in them. So I'm really not worried about the antibacterial action, I'm just happy to have found a dish and pan scrubbing brush with good bristles!

In the US, the same brush is distributed under the "Cedar-O" brand and is available here.

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