Sunday, 12 August 2012

Happy Birthday, David!

My son turned ten years old the other day.It's been an awesome ten years, and David Hugh Scott is just a joy and always has been since the day he was born. His website certainly needs some work - but a couple of years ago, (or perhaps it was a year and a half), he approached me and said that he wanted to learn HTML and wanted to have his own website.

We made a list together of some of his hobbies and interests, and started to work on it, but alas we have not done much more. His interests, hobbies and just being a great fellow all round have meant little time for learning more HTML. Perhaps when the summer is over and the weather is less conducive to outdoor activities, we'll get back to the website and update it and get rid of the dead links.

The photo here was taken on David's birthday when he and I just went out together (after all the kid's had left his birthday party) to kick a soccer ball around at a local park (yes I know, for all my relatives in N. Ireland, it's a football, but that would confuse my North American visitors).

We spent a couple of hours after cycling to the park together, just having fun together. At this point in his young life, he's accomplished quite a bit and I'm very proud of him. He took an interest in Karate about 2 1/2 years ago, and since then has gone up through the belt ranks and is now on his Blue (or is it purple?) Belt and in addition, he attends other classes with the sole purpose of coaching others.  His next belt graduation will be the last one where the ceremony is public. Once he receives his brown belt (likely by the end of the year), all the graduations are done after a private grading session with his Sensei.

David is home schooled (mostly by his mom). Due to his interest in Karate, he also developed a strong interest in learning Japanese, so that is part of his home schooling curriculum. It's fun to hear him teach me new Japanese words and phrases every so often. But, I can say I was glad I was born in Northern Ireland and not Japan! I enjoy writing the odd poem but Haiku is not my thing.

Some of David's other activities include Lego building. Ever since he's been about three years old, he's been a Lego monster! I am not sure how many sets he has, but a few hundred at least wouldn't be too far off in my estimation.

Although we haven't been able to get out much this year, David also enjoys fly fishing with me and has tied up his flies as well. That is part of his home schooling - learning about bugs and stuff, although we don't call it "Entomology Class." That is the nice thing about home schooling - kids get to learn about all kinds of things in an environment when they are interested - and with David that's been most of his waking time.

He also enjoys earning money and has a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, so I think he's well set for life. I purchased a book for him and he did a book review, with all proceeds of the sales as a result of the book review going to him. It was about a fly fishing fly named "Olive" who is is a Wooley Bugger. You can read David's book review here:

Anyhow, I love to talk and write about my son, David. He's an awesome wee man that I'm very proud of and very happy he is in my life! Welcome to being double digit in age, David! I look forward to many more to come with you!

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